All the information on research I have done

The following files relate to all the names I have in my database so far. To protect the research it is only a look -up for all names but to protect the research the names of the living are not linked to any personal data. I have also not yet discovered how to make the Ged file available on line. I hope to do this in the future. If you want to know more details on any of the names, or want a Ged file please contact me at my E Mail address shown on the Contacts Page.

Please note: Some of the names, particularly Hildick(U), and some others are names of those I have not yet been able to connect to the family tree and as such have no trees or links to the main database. They come either from census records or I have actual Birth, Death or marriage data for but have been unable to place them relative to my direct family. As time goes on and I identify where they fit in, corrections will be made and added to the site.

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